Brawl Stars Boss Fight – Beat the Boss Now

brawl stars boss fight

The fun of any Game is its creativity. Brawl Stars has not been left behind as its developers came up with different levels and ways of making this game the best in the world. one of the best levels that many people take pride in is the Brawl Stars Hack Boss fight which isĀ  unique part of the Brawl Stars mobile game.

What is Boss Fight?

One of the questions many people ask is what the Boss Fight is and what its goal is. In Boss Fight level, the main goal is defeating the giant Boss Robot that chases you around the map. The giant Boss Robot is not easy to bring down and hence, defeating it needs the support of two other Brawlers.

The challenge of Boss Fight level

Defeating the Boss Robot works in two ways; one: you rise from one level to the next. However, the second thing that happens is that your gaming becomes more challenging with every win. More robot gangs will be produced making the level more difficult. At the same time, the Boss Robot will do more damage to its enemies after the generation of the robots.

Unlocking the ticket event via Trophy Road

Boss Fight is also a Ticket Event that you can unlock using Trophy Road. This is however not available always as you can only access it during weekends. You need Event Tickets to participate in them.

How to unlock the Ticket Event

For you to be able to unlock the Ticket Event, you will need Trophies that are not less than 350. Once you are able to garner a total of 350 Trophies and above, for you to be able to have access to the Ticket Event choice from Trophy Road.

How long does the fight last?

Another question that many people ask about the Boss Fight is how long the level lasts. The truth is, the Boss Fight can last for the longest time possible. The time you take in this level is determined by how long your team mates are able to last in the fight. As long as your partners are alive and kicking, your game will go on and on.


Just as we indicated before, fighting against Boss Robot is not easy. Therefore, you have to be fully equipped with great ways of dealing with your enemies. There are many tips of dealing with this and different people deal with this task differently. But here are a few tips that will come in handy for you:

Run away if you are injured

Running away when you are injured is not a sign of cowardice. This is the only way that you can heal and get back on your feet. If you continue fighting when you are injured, the possibilities of you getting killed in the process are very high.

Attack the Boss Robot when your HP is full

Considering that the Boss Robot is very strong, you should never try attacking it unless you are sure you have chances of overcoming it. When your HP is full, it will be much safer for you and taking some damage from the Boss Robot and his mobs.

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