Golf Clash is the best Golf game for Android and iOS devices with awesome gameplay and realistic controls.

Please note that this game may seem easy to master but in reality in is tough. Style conditions and different courses needs different strategies and hence it becomes a tough game which requires a lot of practice to master.

The game after its launch has won many prizes like the “Game of the Year 2018” and TIGA award. The game requires Android version 4.4 or above to run perfectly.

It is an online game where you can play Golf Shots like in real life. There are few sites that climes they can give unlimited coins using golf clash cheats don’t believe those sites More than 1000 active players and you can also challenge your Facebook friends to play with you.

The intense Player vs Player experience gets more enhancing with the real time chatting feature with texts and emoji. If you don’t want to get disturbed by anyone’s messages they you can also mute the chatting. Never miss a shot see it again and again whenever wherever.

You can watch the replays and save them of the best shots you played in the game also you can direct share it to different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Premium balls and clubs are unlocked when you increase your skills and earn more promotion. Here we have mentioned some tricks of Golf Clash which will give you a head start and also make your gameplay better than before.


1. Learn to manage your coins

It is very important that you must know how to manage your preciously earned coins. All the tournaments have an entry fee and as you progress more expensive tournament with huge winnings gets unlocked. I should recommend that you must be having ten or fifteen times more money than the participation fees before entering any tournament. This is quite important and you should also learn not to be in hurry to participate in high paying tournaments at first gain money through the previous tournament.

2. Select Best Clubs and Shot practice

This requires a lot of time and practice but when you learn it there is no one who’s going to stop you in winning the matches. Learn to experiment every kind of clubs, top spin, side spin, back spin etc. Build your experience and learn from the mistakes you make. Also learn the techniques of your opponents as it will build you knowledge. Use the coins wisely to upgrade the clubs and balls.

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