How to cancel Xbox game pass

To let you know, Xbox is a gaming brand which is owned by Microsoft and also developed and created by Microsoft. Xbox gaming consoles comes with sixth generation, seventh generation, and the eighth generation, respectively.

With the launch of the original Xbox console, the brand was launched in the United States in November 2001.In addition Xbox also has their online service known as the Xbox live where people can view latest games that are available in the platform.

Now for more, what is Xbox game pass?

So Microsoft gives a subscription service as similar to “Netflix” for games which are known as Xbox game pass. It grants users access to a catalogue of games from a range of publishers for a single monthly subscription price.

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Now your biggest question arises is, how to cancel Xbox game pass subscription?

So by following some steps, you will be able to cancel your Xbox game pass subscription.

Your Xbox game pass subscription can not be cancelled at any time, Microsoft doesn’t make it possible to leave through the Xbox console and you have to navigate through the Xbox website on a browser.

Now see the steps to cancel the Xbox game pass subscription 

Step 1. First of all, you have to Open a browser and navigate “”, you’ll arrive on an Xbox live sign in screen.

Step 2. You have to enter the email address which is associated with the Xbox live account and then click next, and on the next screen enter the password associated with your Xbox live account.You will arrive at your Xbox live account home screen.

Step 3. You have to click the image associated with your Xbox live profile that appears at the upper right corner of the screen, a drop-down menu appears.

Step 4. Now Click “subscriptions”, in the list of options in the drop-down menu, the services and subscription screen will appear.

Step 5. You have to Locate your Xbox game pass subscription and click manage in the Xbox game pass section, a screen displaying more detailed information associated with your Xbox game pass subscription appears.

Step 6. You have to Click Cancel to the right of Xbox game pass in the payment setting section, a dialogue box appears asking you if you’re sure you want to cancel your Xbox game pass subscription additionally it tells you when your Xbox game pass will expire.

Step 7. You have to click the blue “confirm cancellation” button if you are sure you want to cancel your Xbox game pass subscription,

Another screen will appear which will inform you that you won’t be charged again for your Xbox game pass subscription. You will again be shown the date and when you would lose access to the Xbox game pass service.

Step 8. You have to Click the blue “back to subscription” button to return to the detailed Xbox game pass information screen, where now you’ll see that recurring billing for the service had been turned off, along with the date when the service will expire.

With this we come to the end, now you know how to deal with it!

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