How to Change PSN Name?

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is online gaming including media content delivery service. Sony Corporation independently created PSN to maintain its PlayStation 3 (PS3) game console.

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In order be a part of the PlayStation network it would require a user to set up an online account. If you want to enjoy the network then there is no need of subscriptions, if you want to enjoy premium services then you need to subscribe. Signing up for PlayStation network is simple and easy. All you need is unique email address and unique identifier name.

How to change PSN name?

Head on to your settings and then click on account management form the list now select account information.

Now you will be able to see a variety of list from which you can select a profile.

Now click on online Id.

Now you will need to accept all the terms and conditions, accept them and the warnings then you might see a box where you can change your online id. That’s it you are done.

If there’s sufficient room for my entire tag, and there oftentimes isn’t,  As a use I play as Mysterious B occasionally I’m seized to drop the period but I really prefer not to. In games that isolated allow 6–8 characters in a name, I reduce it to B.

On PSN users seldom get to choose though, my ID matches their tag, and that’s just a derivative of their former email address (no longer relevant).  Most of the users have PlayStation button is Syldan13. 

They don’t often perform online multiplayer though (almost never), and users don’t just acquire any old friend request, users have to recognize beforehand (users stopped exerting random friends because I kept making cam girls attacking me with suggestive and vulgar messages), and I’m not stopping to drop what I’m preparing to just perform multiplayer, it holds very little interest for me. Actually, the only online game I actually end in Drive Club VR and that’s incredibly rare.

I ordinarily only perform PvP upon a preferred few of my childhood friends and even then, just grudgingly because it takes time away from my preferred gaming, this is playing RPG’s.

If I don’t previously know someone through Facebook or Quora, I really deny their friend request, I got weak of being invited to chat functions (even if I played the games they did, I’m not comfortable in voice chat) and receiving invites to multiplayer (usually for games I don’t even play) when I was attempting to watch anime.

Some of the challenges faced by play station network

One of the greatest challenges that play station faces today is the heavy network intrusions by the cyber criminals. To avoid this the IT experts of the developers are in constant state of the monitoring and updating the network.

Now people become addicted to play station, since the games were available for free. As soon as PS4 was introduced gaming needed new subscription. All the users from all over the world criticized this decision since they believed that essence of free gaming was destroyed

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