How to change your username on WWE Super Card

User Name basically is a name which is used by any person who are working on the digital platfroms such as on mobile, laptops, computer, or even if you are playing a game then the username will be given to you.It gives you a special identity by which the other members in a system will be able to recognize you.

Username allow multiple users to use the same game or any other online services.When you create your username in any website or in any game, it enable you to maintain all your data in the database of that particular website and in the database of that game.

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If you are playing WWE Super Card game then you must created your username before.Almost everyone know how to create username in WWE Super Card game but the problem is that nobody knows that how we can change our username later. So today I will tell you each and every step and I am sure after reading this post you will be able to change your user name On WWE Super Card.

Follow the steps to change your username On WWE Super Card.

  • Open WWE Super card Applicaton.
  • Tab on the Setting Option there.
  • Now Tap on the feedback Option.
  • Then Tap on Card Issue option.
  • Now you have to send email to the WWE Super Card support team stating that you want to change the username on Super Card.
  • Then wait for a while [approx 30 minutes].Support team will contact you via email and they will ask you that why you want to change your username.
  • Give appropriate reason that why you want to change the username on SupperCard along with the new username to which you want to change.
  • Within 30 minutes the username will be changed.
  • Next you have to click on the manage login option.
  • Login again and you will see, the username has been changed sucessfully.

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