How to Get Minecraft Skins

Minecraft is an open-world, sandbox-style electronic game that allows building using blocks (cubes) from which the world is made. The development of Minecraft began around May 10, 2009.

Minecraft is a game basically made of blocks, having the landscapes and most of its objects composed by them, and allowing them to be removed and replaced in other places to create constructions, stacking them.

In addition to the mining mechanics and collection of resources for construction, there is in-game mixing of survival and exploration.

In this game, you can play in different avatar or Minecraft skins like an alien, a feudal knight or a futuristic war soldier.

The question arises how? This can be generally done by simply changing your skin. When you’re playing this game, the user can take a look at his skin by tapping the F5 key.

Tapping the F5 key again shifts the avatar skin view, where you’ll be able to see your skin avatar very closely.

If you are tired of the basic skins given by Minecraft then here is good news for you. The user is not restricted to the skins available in the Skin Chooser feature.

There are infinite skins present for free around the virtual websites. Almost most of these skins are designed and shared by professional Minecraft users.

The method of locating and downloading these new Minecraft skins around the internet is quite easy if you follow these steps below.

Steps to change Skin in Minecraft –

  • Download the desirable skins

The skins of this game are very small in size and mostly available in the format of PNG. The uninstalled downloaded skin avatars will look like unassembled dolls made up of paper. The user can easily download thousands of skins from virtual websites like Skindex or Planet Minecraft skins. It doesn’t value where you store your downloaded skins, as long as the user memorize the title of the folder. Also, if the users change the file the name while downloading, it’ll make it simpler to establish your skin collection.

  • Login to

Once the user has downloaded the desired avatar skin, go to the profile on the standard website of Minecraft. Tap on the Profile and log in the section with the help of your Mojang account (the username is the same e-mail that the user have used earlier to register in Minecraft).

  • Upload the downloaded skin into the Profile page

Once the user has reached the profile page, tap on the Browse key and search through the folders until you locate the downloaded skin. After you’ve picked the skin, press on the Upload button and wait for the approval message. This would just a microsecond as the size of the skin is very small and is in png format. The resolution of the skin is in 64×64.

  • Open Minecraft and examine out your downloaded skin

Now, after uploading the user needs to log into Minecraft website; if you’re already playing the game, exit it and open it again. After that, just saddle up the world (it doesn’t fester which one). Tap the F5 key to examine your new skin.

Playing Minecraft is using it as a creative tool. There is no way to win in Minecraft, as there are no required goals and a dramatic plot that needs to be followed. Players spend most of their time simply mining and building blocks of virtual material, hence the name of the game. Once players have collected and built a sufficient inventory of resources and some ores, they use these virtual acquisitions to design houses and landscapes, often building all kinds of block structures.

To design your own skin in Minecraft, the user needs to generate a perfect PNG image at the right resolution. There are several online free editors by which the user can create and design amazing skins in just a couple of seconds and upload them in game.

With several updates in Minecraft, it is quite easy to instantly change the desirable skin. This can be done by applying the very handy Skin Chooser specification. Just tap on the icon of clothes hanger under the character profile on the foremost title screen to get incited.

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