How to make money on Swagbucks? 4 Best Methods

Make money on swagbucks

Simply making an account on Swagbuck and leaving it idle won’t help to make any money. Being aware of some of its tips and trick could help to earn more Swagbuck points quickly. Swagbuck points earned can be redeemed as a gift card or coupon points to shop from Amazon and Wal-Mart, making it possible to turn wish list into buy item through those Swagbuck points.

The calculation is quite simple for every 100 Swagbuck points earned its as valuable as 1$ on Amazon. Here are a few tricks that would help to earn those extra swagbucks codes hack that would help to buy items that one would hesitate due to a tight budget plan.


Earn while you spend, before directly hopping on to amazon for shopping, try visiting it through Swagbuck, a simple hack that would help to earn extra Swagbuck points while shopping. Not only on Amazon, but Swagbuck also has a tie-up with other giants such as GAP and Walmart, so every dollar spent on these sites through Swagbuck is an opportunity to earn Swagbuck points. Unlike any other affiliate trade where the profit of the trade is shared between an eCommerce site and the seller, Swagbuck does not forget to give something in return to its customer as well. So spend and earn at the same time through Swagbuck.

Watch Online Videos

Unlike YouTube, watching videos on Swagbucks helps to points which one redeem later at an eCommerce site. Spending a few minutes from a busy schedule can be handy to earn extra points. Moreover, even working in an office can be handy to earn Swagbuck points. Here’s the trick, opening a tab through Swagbuck, keeping the video mute and let it play throughout the day. While doing so you can keep the Swagbuck points meter on autopilot mode while you work throughout the day. Not only that watching videos through Swagbucks TV app, and keeping aside until any emergency would also help to earn Swagbuck points. A simple hack that could help to earn $90 worth Amazon gift card a month.

Find hidden codes

This part needs to be dealt with promptly whenever and wherever possible as it expires within days or even hours in some cases. Swagbuck offers Swag Codes a combination of words and numbers that can help to redeem instant Swagbuck points ranging from 1 to 5 points. In case if the user is using SwagButton or even on Android or iOS app, it sends a notification to the user about the codes, redeeming them immediately is the best option as they expire quickly. So next time when a redeemable code hits up at notification make sure to redeem at soon as possible.

Referring to Friend

A simple network marketing hack, share the referral link with your friends in your network and get 10% of referral from other accounts, and the number of points multiplies exponentially as the network increases.This can be done with office colleagues or even with friends and family all is needed to share the link and the account will be rewarded with 10% referral for life.

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