It is a fresh start to January, and Xbox gold members can get hold of fresh games of 2019. Two new games of January and are now available for Xbox owners. Game enthusiast says these games are outstanding to play so you should try them out.

One of the new games that rolled out this year is Celeste. The game rolls around young women who want to climb a mountain and reach the top of it. During this game, the women would have to face many obstacles to reach the top. The best thing about this game is the checkpoint view.

This means you don’t have to start all over again when you die. You start from the respective checkpoint. Many game reviewers wrote that Celeste has strong content and excellent gameplay. Furthermore, they said with this game, the month of January has become very interesting.

First free Xbox 360 game available is the guardian of light and Lara Croft. This game traces its path back from 2010. Both these games are having co-partners who will help you to solve tricky puzzles in a dense jungle.

Now one of the December games with gold that is available right now is never alone. Now it has noted that these games are free until January 15. On January 16 some games that will be available are far cry 2, world rally championship.

Games available in January 2019
• Never alone (Dec 16-Jan 15)
• WRC 6 world rally championship ( Jan 16- Feb 15)
• Celeste (Jan 1 – Jan 31)
Xbox 360
• Far cry 2
• Lara Croft

How to get Xbox gold games
Well, the steps are pretty simple. This article will provide a guide through. Firstly you need to become a gold member and purchase any game that is available in the free promotional period. Now it has to be noted that games have their releases abruptly.

Meaning sometimes games are open to the console for every two weeks or only two games are available for the entire month. The good thing is that to purchase these weekly games you don’t need to pay a dime to download it, but you must enroll yourself “free purchases online” to get qualified.

Can fortnight be accessed?
To play fortnight, you need to be an Xbox, gold member. Meaning if you want to play fortnight and want to access the battle royal mode then you have to purchase gold membership. This seems to come as a con for the Xbox users because in case of Sony this is not the same.

The ps4 users can easily enjoy games like final fantasy and smite without having to pay any money in play station plus.

Does Xbox gold expire?
Yes, Xbox gold games can expire. To stop this, you need to renew your gold membership. With the renewal, you will get all the latest news related to Xbox games. Xbox games are great to play since they have a perfect balance between difficulty, engaging story, and gameplay.

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